Cotter Key Farms

Tomahawk Steak 1 1/4 " Thick


Cotter Key Farms

Tomahawk Steak 1 1/4 " Thick



Ships frozen, upon arrival place vacuum sealed package in refrigerator or freezer.

Our friend Brent loves this steak! He savors the meat, and his dog Bayer enjoys the bone, so it is a two for one!

My husband swears that the bones add extra flavor and tenderness, all I know is that this one popular cut of beef!

Brent grills it, we cook it on our Green Egg, or one can enjoy it broiled.

Order several of these to have as a special dinner for yourself and man's best friend! Your puppy will thank you!


  • Certified Naturally Grown
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • USDA Inspected Processed Meat


  • Rotationally Grazed
  • Dryland Grazed
  • Grass Finished
  • Grass Fed

The Tomahawk steak is ribeye at one end of the bone. The Cotter Key Farms tomahawk steak has the full, rich flavor that only comes from all-natural, grass-fed beef. This ribeye is beautifully marbled, which gives this cut of meat a juicy tenderness with the bone adding additional flavor. A favorite of steak enthusiasts for its taste and its presentation, cook these steaks for the delight of family and friends.

Our tomahawk steaks are cut 1.5” thick with a shorter bone to facilitate shipping.

Our steaks are sold per steak, not by the pound.