Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed ground beef, cuts, & seasonal meat subscription boxes

Grass Fed Pork

Pastured Pork

Ground meat, cuts, & pork sausages

Prime Cuts

Prime Cuts of Local Meat

Grass fed lamb & nomadic, pastured goat

Ground, Sausage, & Burgers

Ground, Sausage, & Burgers

Grass fed ground meat, specialty sausages, & burgers ready to grill

Subscription & Variety Packages

Seasonal & Variety Packages

Try a variety of cuts, meats, & meat subscription boxes

Our Promise

We Love These Animals

Animals that are grass-grazed, free to roam, and sustainably raised

We Love Our Family

A family-owned operation since 1850—this isn't industrial agriculture

We Love This Land

Sustainable practices so generations will keep calling this home

We Love Our Heritage

Our cattle stock is from our family's original herd—true heritage beef

Subscriptions & Variety Bundles

Holistic Land Management Practices

Land with actual roots, rotated livestock, and minimal chemical intervention

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“Outstanding steaks. Four adults and one kid all agreed last night!”

-Stoney J.

"The flavor is not like store bought beef. We loved the flavor."

-Dean S.

"I love the flavor. You can totally tell how the beef was finished!"

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Fifth generation Texans raising happy, health animals

Our Daddy’s family has been building our herd since the 1887. We believe the very best beef starts with the healthy, happy cows. We work hard to make all our animals lives as easy and stress free as possible.

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